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We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our all our clients ranging from general home repairs to major remodels and additions and even custom furniture and cabinetry.  We also work closely with local real estate agents to help with buying and selling of homes making sure repair requests are handled in a timely and professional manner.  We are licensed and insured seeking to provide a customer experienced unmatched in the industry.




Get an estimate for repairs or schedule a remodel consultation.   Read more about my estimates and how my process sets me apart on the "services" page of this site.

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Being the father of three boys, I know very well the need for a home that serves your purposes and provides a space for your children to grow and thrive.  Creating this kind of space has been my aim every time I have worked on my own house and will be my aim when I work on yours.  

Ben serves as the Operations Manager of OCC and is a Co-Owner with George Burdette.  For most projects, Ben will be the person with whom you interact with on a daily basis, regardless of the presence of sub contractors.  As a reflection of our company values, we want to provide a customer service experience unsurpassed in the industry.  Read more about our company and its values on the "About OCC" page of our website.

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